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CyberCrunch specializes in hard drive destruction, cell phone shredding, and electronic media destruction and recycling.

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Nationwide Hard Drive Shredding, Media Wiping & Destruction, Mobile Device Shredding

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We offer two methods of ‘Beyond Recovery’ data destruction. Choose between a Department of Defense grade multi-pass wipe, or, physical destruction of your media.

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Why Use CyberCrunch?

Protect Your Data, Protect Your Life

In this digital age we live in, it is not an exaggeration that our entire lives are stored on our various devices. So what do you do with your old devices when it’s time to upgrade?

You have hundreds of gigabytes of personally identifying data stored on your devices; everything from photos, to personal and financial data, to medical records, to addresses and phone numbers for yourself and everyone you know. In short, everything a cyber criminal needs to hijack your life if they get their hands on your devices!

‘Regular’ formatting and ‘factory resets’ aren’t enough to protect your data from skilled hackers. So what do you do? CyberCrunch has your solution. We specialize in permanent data destruction by way of hard drive shredding, cell phone and tablet shredding, removable media shredding, and multiple-pass degaussing.

compliance-icon-hipaa-hitech[1]Are You A Business That Needs To Comply With Regulations For Data Destruction (HIPAA, FACTA, DOD)?

CyberCrunch meets all requirements set forth by HIPAA, FACTA and DOD regarding the level and permanence of data destruction performed at our facility.

These Agencies Trust CyberCrunch With Their Data

When you send your devices to us for destruction and recycling, you can be assured that you are in compliance with regulations and that we are handling all waste products resulting from the destruction process responsibly from an environmental standpoint.

Protect Your Sensitive Data By Safely Recycle Your Old Devices With CyberCrunch

Don’t let your unwanted devices and the sensitive personal identifying and financial data they contain fall into the hands of cyber criminals.

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