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When you replace a PC or hard drive, you will probably choose to erase all data from the hardware in order to protect your personal information. However, many people are unaware that deleting files never completely removes data from the hard drive.

Deleting a file from a computer does not mean that you are physically removing the file; you are simply erasing information which points towards the location of that file on your hard drive. Although it can be tough to manually retrieve that file again, it still exists on the hard drive and it’s very easy to retrieve the file with the right type of software.

In order to prevent the files from being retrieved and seen by prying eyes, the most secure method of removing data is to perform a hard drive shred. This is the process of physically destroying the hard drive in order that it can no longer be used and its data cannot be accessed.

Many businesses, both small and large, will have a great deal of highly sensitive data on their computers. It may be customer information, names and addresses, invoices, bank details, confidential staff data, business strategies and anything else which should not be accessed by the general public.

Cybercrime is at an all-time high and with technology key to many modern workplaces, the online crime rate will only continue to rise. Your business could be at risk of theft if your bank details were to fall into the wrong hands. Identity theft is another major issue which businesses must fight hard to prevent. Furthermore, if confidential customer information is released to the general public, it could have a huge impact on your reputation and cause you to lose business.

Individuals can also benefit from hard drive shredding if they have personal information, medical records, bank details, accounts or even photographs on their PCs. Identity theft is a big risk; hackers can easily use software to retrieve personal data from discarded hard drives and take out credit cards and loans in your name.

Ultimately, any business or individual who is discarding a computer or an individual hard drive should have it shredded; it is the only way to thoroughly protect themselves from security breaches and cyber crimes. It also ensures that the hard drive is responsibly recycled and disposed of with minimum harm to the environment.

A hard drive shred is the process of physically destroying the hard drive. At CyberCrunch we use large, powerful machines to pulverize hard drives; they’re a lot like wood chippers, only far more powerful in order to adequately cut through metal and plastic. This process destroys the tracks on the hard drive so that it is completely unusable.
Hard drive shredding can result in toxic particles being emitted into the air, which is why we take great care to follow all environmental regulations with each hard drive shred we perform. We then recycle all waste materials at our R2 certified facility.

We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and comply with all relevant health and safety legislation when shredding and disposing of hard drives. We are a member of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries and the National Association for Information Destruction, and we also have certificates from Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI), the Recycling Industry Operating Standard (RIOS) and the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

Organizing hard drive shredding with us is incredibly easy. First, you choose the items you want to shred and checkout via our website where you can print our prepaid shipping label. When we receive your device, we perform the hard drive shred and then we send you a certificate of destruction. For extra peace of mind you can even opt to have a video of your hard drive’s destruction sent to you by email.

We guarantee 100% security and confidentiality for each hard drive shred we perform so you can rest assured that your hard drive will be thoroughly protected each step of the way until its destruction.

Head to the checkout now to purchase your hard drive shred and have total peace of mind that your sensitive data will be permanently destroyed.

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